The Gourd Master... Sam X

229 339-1450 or 614 873-2378

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The Gourd Master - Sam X is a uniquely talented artist.  Born in Sylvester, GA, USA.  He has established himself as an influence in the area of American contemporary art.

Through the manipulation of gourds and wood he compliments and often exaggerates the natural organic beauty of it's form and texture.  He has achieved a distinctive identity by re-conceiving then transcending the surface plane.


The originality and inherent elegance of his work brings each piece to life with its own soul, energy and personality.  Consistently daring, his work touches on the cathartic process of post-slavery healing and traditional culture cleverly captures a playfulness.

The Gourd Master's art has a diverse audience and has been exhibited in museums, art galleries and universities both nationally and internationally.  His pieces are among the personal art collection  of Maya Angelou, Attorney Johnny Cochran and Eryka Badu.



The skill, passion and spiritual energy that feeds and inspires his creativity is evident in each of his unique pieces as well as his workshops and animated presentations.

Sam X is quickly developing a international reputation. His art has been exhibited throughout America, Kingston Jamaica, London, England, Edinburgh and Scotland.

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